Personal Branding Styling

Team work creates dream work!

With a coherent colour palette for interiour details and outfits for the model, you can create magic! Creative Business Portraits for your Personal Brand!

Dorota Walkarz was photographed in the heart of Barcelona in this beautifully designed apartment, wearing flattering outfits reflecting her personal style as well as professionality.


fashion portrait of interiour designer styled by jasmin teichtmeister
business portrait interiour designer stylist purstyle jasmin teichtmeister
personal branding photoshoot barcelona with personal stylist jasmin from pur style
personal stylist for branding photoshoot - interiour designer ideal makers
close up personal branding photoshoot stylist purstyle barcelona
portrait of interiour designer barcelona styled by jasmin teichtmeister
creative business portraits barcelona by purstyle jasmin teichtmeister
creative business portrait barcelona
interiour desinger photoshoot with purstyle barcelona