We are more than happy to show you our photoshoot cooperation with Dogdays of Summer.
Two girls from Austria opened the Onlineshop Dogdays of Summer – to bring back unique vintage pieces which make you dream of adventurous road trips and hot summer nights.

The new startup with focus on vintage clothes aims to give their customers the chance to wear clothes they adore with a clear conscience. All the items are selected carefully and the two girls pay attention to the way the garments got produced. We really like the idea, that the founders of the shop present their clothes in special lookbooks like “Silver Linings” or “Walk on the wild side”.

Pur Style got invited to see the collections from Dogdays of Summer in their new showroom based in Graz and we selected our favourite pieces to take them with us to a photoshoot to the seaside.


pur style - dogdaysofsummer country life

bohemian purstyle dogdaysofsummer
Mojca picked a vintage patchwork leather blouson and combined it with a white lace dress from Pull & Bear and cowboy boots from Buffalo. The leather blouson gives the look the special vintage touch and makes the style look less serious and dressed up.

Pur Style boho look by dogsdaysofsummer

boho style by pur style and dogdaysofsummer
Jasmin chose the “Dark Knight Chain Mail” and combined it with the leather skirt “Wood”. To give the outfit a glamorous boho touch she is wearing a Missoni patterned bikini top and wooden Jeffrey Campell wedges.

Pur Style Star Wars Vogue Coat - dogdaysofsummer

star wars coat purstyle dogdaysofsummer
Elisa selected the “Star Wars Vogue Coat” – that’s an eye-catcher wich speaks for itself.

Floating in Space Crop Top - purstyle feat. dogdaysofsummer

disco outfit pur style
Jasmin picked the “Floating in Space Crop Top” because she was in the mood for a Spice Girls moment. To dress it a bit down, she combined it with simple black leather shorts and sandals.

silver lining moment by pur style - dogdaysofsummer

silver linings outfit purstyle
As we all love the King of Pop – so does Mojca. She picked the stunning “Silver Lining Jacket” and combined it with the stardust harems pants from Zara to create the ultimate disco outfit.

golden culottes pur style outfit studio 54

golden outfit purstyle
The combination of the golden culottes and the swimsuit from the 80s is a tribute to the golden times of the famous Studio 54.


We are very happy, that we can finally shop for vintage clothes also in Austria now. For more interesting handpicked pieces, take a look at the Dogdays of Summer Onlineshop. For more vintage styling ideas check out their Facebookpage and Instagram account.