Personal Styling

Reasons, why you book a Personal Stylist

Do you wish for a Personal Stylist, who understands exactly what you want and suits you? You always dreamed of a Personal Shopping day, where you only buy things you will love? Another reason could be that shopping is not your favorite thing to do, because you don’t know, which styles or colors fit you. Or you simply (like many of us) wear the same clothes over and over again, as you don’t find time to buy new favorite pieces?

That’s why you need a Personal Stylist!

As a Fashion Stylist I know exactly how to emphasize your natural features and body shape. At Pur Style we are working with you as a team to guarantee you an unforgettable Personal Styling or Shopping experience. We open your eyes to new stylings and ideas, that you had never considered before. Based on colors, proportions and fit, we will find the perfect clothes that emphasize your true style and allow you to wear new exciting styling combinations. Experience an unforgettable Styling day in Vienna, Graz or Barcelona.


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