Yesterday the Sackstraße in Graz turned into a runway. The new second-hand store ManusDEUX and the upcoming designer Herbert Traumüller from the tradition-label Blaublut organised a Pop-Up fashion show in the middle of the rails of the old-town tram. The models from Ildiko Obiltschnik presented the latest outfits from the shop and the handcrafted dresses by Herbert Traumüller.

The fashion show started with loud Hip-Hop music and the people stopped to watch the more or less dangerous catwalk and were pretty excited about what was happening. If you are interested in finding special fashion pieces wich tell a story – visit ManusDEUX in their unique shop. And if you ever need a glamorous gown – make an appointment at the Blaublut store. All the great pictures are taken by Elisa Teichtmeister – take a look.

Catwalk ManusDEUX

manusdeux fashion show team

blue coat manus deux

Pup-Up Fashion Show Graz

autumn dress manusdeux

the brides maid

the bride to be

Catwalk Blaublut

blaublut crew





blaublut-austrian-designer-fashion-show-purstylethe queen's dress


Fashion: ManusDEUX & Blaublut

Hair & Make-Up: Haarschneidig on Tour – Daniela Wohlmuth

Styling assistance: Pur Style

Photography: Elisa Teichtmeister // Pur Photographer

Models: Ildiko Obiltschnik