Suits are back in our wardrobe! It’s time to suit up for woman! You can find some really cool suits at the moment for your spring wardrobe – pastel colors, flower prints, nude or pinstripe. We found a very special one at ManusDeux in Graz – a Jean Paul Gaultier vintage suit! The back part of the jacket looks a bit like a red cape and shows off your shoulders – so this suit is perfect to wear in spring, because showing your shoulders is what you need to do this spring.

JeanPaulGaultier_Purstyle-4 JeanPaulGaultier_Purstyle-7 JeanPaulGaultier_Purstyle-9 JeanPaulGaultier_Purstyle-11 JeanPaulGaultier_Purstyle-13
Photos: Elisa Teichtmeister.