Hot Pink or Fuchsia are the trend colours of the winter season! In general loud and bright colours are more popular than ever in the grey winter time. As a fan of black I have to admit, that I surprisingly love this colour trend. Wearing black all the time feels boring, adding some colour to your wardrobe in the dark winter hours is fun and makes you instantly feel happy.

But who can wear the bright Fuchsia colour and what is the best to combine it with?

If you have light skin, and a blueish undertone – bright pink looks great on you! It looks very good, if you also have dark coloured hair, which creates a natural contrast to your skin. As the cool fuchsia is a bright colour it needs contrast to shine bright. Let’s say if you are a winter colour type (strong contrast in hair, eyes and skin) fuchsia is your trend colour for winter 2019/2020!

The best colours to combine bright pink with is a more quiet colour like velvet green or dark blue. The combination pink and black can look nice, but is very high in contrast and can easily look like you are trying to be a young punk girl. So I would recommend to combine the bright pink with an elegant colour like navy or dark green. It is a very fashionable colour combination and brings out the best of you!

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