Accessories are a way to elevate your outfit with just one add-on, every man should have a few go-to accessories to choose from!

In this post, we focus on classic accessories for the modern gentleman.

1: The Pocket Square.

When wearing a blazer, a pocket square accessory can change your look immediately! 

  • You can either pick a patterned one with similar tones of your blazer and outfit
  • Pick a colourful one to make the look more special (but make sure, at least one colour of the pocket square is repeated in your outfit)
  • Keep it classy with a single coloured one – this can either be the same colour as your blazer, white or a striking colour which goes with the colour of your blazer or shirt.

2: The belt.

The perfect accessory for the modern man. The classic and most common way to wear a belt is to match the colour of the belt with your shoes. This is a rule you can stick to for the rest of your life. But if you want to be a tiny bit more fashionable, here are some tips:

  • Match the belt to your bag & shoes 
  • Match the belt to your shirt or T-Shirt
  • Go for a patterned belt – make sure the colours match your overall look and be aware, that the belt will draw attention to your belly area (so be sure, the shirt is not too tight if you don’t feel 100% comfortable about your middle section)

3: The Watch.

If you are a fan of classic style, a watch is the number one item to pick for the modern gentleman. Especially in times of smartphones, a watch becomes more of an accessory than ever. With a watch, a man can express their interests, taste and status if he wants to. For example, a timeless watch with a leather strap stands for classic taste compared to a smartwatch, showing you are a modern man who is always up to date on everything.

4: The scarf.

Scarves are a bit tricky to style for men. Of course, a man wants to be cosy and comfortable as well when it is cold outside. At the same time, it can be a fashion statement. I would recommend investing in a classy one in a colour, which goes well with your skin type, outer jackets and shoes you will be wearing with the scarf. Opt for quality rather than quantity. A premium cashmere or wool scarf is the go-to quality accessory for the modern gentleman.

Little tip on the side:

If you match the colour of your shoes to your trousers, you’ll look taller and slimmer. And without any accessories, more classy. 

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