Scarves make great accessories if you know how to wear them. There are many ways you can style them that isn’t only to keep you warm. Here are 6 ideas on how to creatively wear your scarf! ✨

1. Wear it as a bag.

If you are out shopping and forgot your bag but brought a scarf, turn it into a bag! It looks stylish & you’ll contribute to helping the environment by not buying grocery bags. For this, you’ll probably need a bigger scarf, but if you only have a small one you can still use it to carry fewer things like your phone, wallet and keys.

Ways to wear a scarf: Jasmin from Pur Style wearing a scarf as a bag.

2. Wear it as a belt.

This idea looks stunning, especially in the summer. If you don’t like to wear colours and patterns, rolling your scarf into a belt is a great way to add a pop to your outfit!

3. Transform it into a top.

Tops that look like scarves are so popular this season. Why would you buy a new one when you already own a drawer full of beautiful scarves? All you have to do is tie it to a chunky necklace and then cross it on your back. I’ll be uploading a reel on how to do this so go check out my Instagram page!

4. Put your hair up.

A small scarf can look beautiful tied around your ponytail. You can also do a half-up, half-down look as an alternative!

5. Dress it up.

To create a dress you will need a bigger rectangular scarf. Grab the two ends, twist them and cross them in front of your neck, to tie at the back. You can also tie the scarf to a necklace for a cool look.

Ways to wear a scarf: Jasmin from Pur Style wearing a scarf as a dress.

6. Style it as a necklace.

Knot a scarf three times and tie it around your neck. It will add a pop of colour if you’re wearing a very simple outfit!

What’s your favourite way of wearing a scarf?

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