Do you struggle when buying clothes during the sales? Here are 5 ways you can save money while scoring major discounts! ✨

Most of us love shopping for sales, it’s a great way to purchase new items at a lower price. But sometimes, we go overboard and spend too much money on things we don’t actually need just because they’re on sale. Sales shopping can easily become stressful and overwhelming because of this. If you follow my tips you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want which will save you money in the long run!

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1: Know what you’ve got.

A closet inventory is the first thing you should be doing before you dive into the big world of discounts. You may tend to buy the same items at every sales shop and end up not wearing them until the next sales have started!

For example: Buying the fifth pair of black trousers, another white blazer, the cute mini skirt, a floral maxi dress with ruffles, the 10th pair of reduced high heels you can barely walk in your summer holidays… But all you actually want to do is be comfy in your flip flops on the beach!

2: Create a colour scheme.

Knowing which colours look good on you is super helpful during the discounts season. Every season there are trend colours, but not all of them are made for you! Try to find out if you are a warm or cool colour type so you know if you should keep an eye out for all the earthy colours or go with the cool pastel tones. 

Also, because you did your closet edit, you know which colours are in your wardrobe, so you can add to the current palette and maybe try a new popping colour as an accent to refresh your colour scheme!

3: Know your body type.

It’s no secret, that some people look better in mini skirts and others look better in cropped tops and wide-leg trousers. Every body is different and unique!  So the same dress might look completely different on you than on your friend, even if you are the same height because of your body type.

If you know beforehand which cuts and lengths look good on you, it is much easier and quicker to find items on sale.

If you don’t know your body type, click here and do a body type test FOR FREE! You will receive a free tutorial with the best cuts & fits for your individual body type – you can save it on your phone and go shopping with your cheat sheet.

4: All good things come in threes.

If you finally made your way to sales shopping and found something you like, try to figure out at least 3 outfit ideas for the new item, preferably with your existing clothes (otherwise you might end up with a huge bag of new clothes that are not versatile).

For example, if you do not have a matching top for the new shorts, you better not buy it as you will end up not wearing it or trying desperately to find a matching top, which will probably stress you out in the sales season.

5: Shop for a realistic lifestyle.

I know, the sequin evening gown is the dress of your dreams and it‘s only 50 % of the original price, but let’s be honest, when is the next red carpet event you are going to attend in the next few months? Think of your near future lifestyle! 

Are you working from home? Planning a holiday? Shop for it! If you are missing comfy clothes, look out for them during sales shopping. Do you need clothes for work? Find a good blazer or suit on sale. Are you planning to party for the next two months every weekend? Go for some glitter, but try to be honest with yourself. ☺️


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