My Fashion Podcast is out! With Style o’Clock I want to share with you ideas, how to develop your Personal Style.

In the fashion podcast we will talk about tips & tricks, how you can discover your Personal Style based on your body type. Knowing your style is essential for becoming a conscious shopper, especially if you want to create a versatile wardrobe, where you only have clothes, which flatter you.

If you have been thinking of getting a Personal Stylist for some time – this is the best podcast, to help you finding out, if you need assistance or if you can develope your Personal Style yourself.

Say goodbye to a wardrobe full of clothes, you don’t want to wear! Sustainability, Personal Style development, body types, colour palettes, styling formulas, flattering fashion trends for your body shape – all this topics will be covered in the fashion podcast Style o’Clock. Join me in the journey of discovering your personal style.