The Pantone colour “Sunlight Yellow” reaches out to all the elegant and feminine summer colour types! The pastel colour has a cool undertone, not too bright and strong, which reflects the natural colouring of the seasonal colour type SUMMER.

Sunlight Yellow looks great combined with Blue, Beige and a soft Coral. Get inspired by the Pur Style colour palette for the summer season 2020.

Summer type characteristics

  • Summer types have a cool undertone in their skin, which means their veins are more blueish than greenish.
  • In general the saturation of hair, skin and eyes is light – not very rich in colour compared to a cool winter type.
  • Your hair can be light blond, ash blonde or light brown with a cool undertone.
  • Summer colour types look good in blueish colours, pastels and cool grey tones.
  • Every colour which is not too bright and has a cool undertone looks great on summer types and let their eyes shine.