Colours influence our feelings and emotions

The semantics of colour will help to understand the influence of colours on our emotions and how we come across in public. If you know, what colours stand for which values and meanings, you can dress better and make better choices in surrounding yourself with the right colours when you want to be creative, create a trustful environment or need a hit of energy. Colours provide us with energy and can influence us and our counterpart without even noticing. 

In this video I am showing you some different meanings of following colours:

White: Purity, fresh, hygienic

Pink: Femininity, romantic, soft

Green: Growth, wealth, earthy

Yellow: Energy, optimistic, self-confident

Orange: Creativity, sociable, success

Red: Passion, power, heat

Purple: Luxury, spiritual, mystical

Black: Dramatic, classy, serious, in control

Dark Blue: Trust, logical, loyal, clear