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The perfect outfit for your career

Do you want to transport your brand’s image through your appearance and gain more clients? Are you searching for a new job? Have you been promoted, but your wardrobe got stuck on the career ladder? Do you want to succeed in an important business meeting? You have to give a public talk and want to focus on the speech instead of worrying about your outfit?

Perhaps you have a new job, an important customer, a crucial talk but you don’t know how to dress for success?

There is no second chance for the first impression.

Especially in jobs where a classic dress code is required, it is very important to dress appropriately for every occasion. We select the perfect outfits for Sales, business meetings, office work and job interviews.

With Pur Style you will leave a confident, convincing and lasting first impression.

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Business Styling consultation according to your position, work environment, body type and color type.

After the consultation we start our shopping tour, to find the most enhancing dress codes, according to your business and position. With the right colours and cuts you can convince people in the first 7 seconds to like and respect you, without having to speak.

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Additional to our classic business dress code service we are offering together with our photographer a job interview package. The package includes Business Styling, style and colour coaching and a professional photo shoot for your perfect job interview portrait.

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Dress for success

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